Training Centre

At Reflective Care we recognise that training is a key factor in the personal development of our customers. Training and Day Services are closing at an alarming rate and access to highly qualified, motivational trainers and suitable affordable training courses is becoming more difficult. Our Training Centre provides these essential services.

Our newly built Training Centre has been designed to be multifunctional and incorporates a fully equipped kitchen, computer suite and flexible open area for the delivery of other life-skills courses

The Training Centre is suitable for people with disabilities including a disabled toilet and washing facilities.

For many of our customers, who are moving into independent living for the first time, the transition from a controlled environment into their own home can be a daunting prospect. Our Training Centre will give them the skills to live more independently, with support, and the confidence to progress in their lives.

If our customers feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by a particular task it can sometimes mean the difference between failure and success. We aim to ensure that all our customers succeed.

Our courses are delivered by caring, qualified trainers who understand the needs of our clients and will do all they can to ensure a successful outcome. This in turn will create a better quality of life, improve health and give our customers a real sense of achievement and worth.

The Training Centre will be able to offer an extensive range of courses, including surfing the internet to help in the search for work, computer skills such as the use of word processing programmes to produce CVs, learning basic and more advanced cookery, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Keep Fit and exercise and other social and practical courses.

In addition, we are able to respond to the needs of our customers and the local community in providing other courses and activities.